cool if you had a yard like this.

2 Aug 2011


i'm a 26+yo male chinese currently working in healthcare profession in singapore.

my world was ok since about three months ago. then it fell apart, in a way i never would have expected. all i am trying to do now is to pick up the pieces of my shattered utopia, and hopefully use the pieces that are still usable, to create a better world for myself.

i will admit this from the start - i have a very bad temper and a very short fuse. after all, it was because of this characteristic of mine, that i landed up in this state. dreams shattered.
better to admit it from the start rather than to deny it.

whatever happened to me, may be evident in the next few blog entries as i chose somewhat to recollect the past - there were many good memories as well - or i may not.

i used to blog in the past five years ago. i thought it a waste of time then. who knows, i would eventually have to undertake the journey back again to discover the whole therapeutic benefits of blogging. on the mind and soul.

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