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26 Nov 2011

how to make a girl laugh

1. be funny!!

Your facial expressions, body position, movements, and tone of voice can all impact how funny you seem.

2. Practice being funny all the time. See the world with a humorous outlook . whistle a happy song.

3. Expect to make mistakes.

4. Be self-effacing – place yourself at the center of humorous anecdotes. Naturally, be careful not to come across as a lame duck with serious low self-esteem issues, or as a perpetual clown.

5. Be positive and happy in your outlook.

Avoid jokes or sarcasm that will plummet your standing in her mind. These are the jokes that border on insulting, are insulting, or are simply crude. Avoid telling any sexist, ethnic, or religious jokes. These are touchy topics at the best of times and are definitely not safe ground unless you know the girl incredibly well – even then, be careful!
  • Don't make fun of women, her friends, her family, or female matters. And definitely do not make jokes about weight, appearance, or dress size.
  • Don't make jokes about her. It doesn't matter how funny you see them and how inoffensive you mean them to be – she will be likely to take offense and see the joke in its worst light. Equally, don't laugh at her, under any circumstances, unless you don't want to see her again.
  • Steer clear of being mean about other people as a form of humor. Not only is humiliating people not funny, it will also have her wondering if you'll turn on her next.
  • When you don't know her well, avoid the bloke jokes, including sarcastic, dark, or intimidating ones. When you know her better, you'll be better prepared to know whether she's alright with this sort of humor or not. In judging the suitability of your sarcastic or ironic remarks, keep in mind the comment by Agnes Repplier that "humor brings insight and tolerance; irony brings a deeper and less friendly understanding." If in doubt, keep it friendly rather than darkly clever.

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