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16 Nov 2011

mood diary - how it works

this is how the mood diary works.
it is supposed to answer:
- what are the events that happened that day that actually made an impact? how much of an impact did it make?
- remember CAB: cognitive --> affect --> behavior.

scoring system:
- how was the day? was it good (positive score) or bad (negative score) overall? note that the score can vary in the middle of the day, so there can be two scores. report both.
- "+10" is the ultimate expression of happiness (think: the time where my ex wanted to be gf-bf; the time i got my a-level results with nice scores; the future time i got a promotion. etc)
- "+5" is the cut-off point for happiness. anything +5 and above indicates a day/period spent happily; you think happily, behave happily.
- "1-4" indicates the day where it is happy, but not showing it? the happy event is not the main thing?
- "0" is the point for neutrality / indifference.
"-1 to -4" indicates a rubbish day, but you are able to get out of it by the end of the day, you are in control.
"-5 to -9" indicates a rubbish day that is overwhelming.
- "-10" is the ultimate expression of sadness (depression).

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