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16 Nov 2011

mood diary (11/11/11 - 16/11/11)

Fri, 11/11/11.
The date where lots of people got married. (-)
Sucky ACC day. missed out alot of stuff, not in control. pts driving me crazy. (-)
can't find someone to go out after work bcos, it was the date where everyone was with their partners. (-)
They declared today Singles day. When did that actually come from?? (+/-) Yeah i'm still single. but not celebrating.
They say this 11/11/11 comes every 1,000 years. well, too bad.
messaged her. ended with something like "this day isn't special if you have no one to share it with". true.

Overall: -4

Sat, 12/11/11.
Morning - 2:30pm: saturday duty (S2). came to do reviews. things i usually do at work. did alot of reviews, about 80+, quite a record. did lots of med recons. felt glad i did alot of things for alot of patients. gave a miss of the hell downstairs in OP. (+)
Stayed back a little. Suddenly heavy rain when i walked out, so can't take 980 (no time to actually do that either). appointment at 3pm. tried to take cab, but cab buzzer at AH spoilt.
luckily, one cab just came and dropped off a passenger. i flagged it and luckily it was going where i wanted to go. (+)
reached cons. finally understood my problem, drew a mind map. am doing this mood diary thing now. at least i am getting somewhere (+)
he suggested to get her out for dinner to meet up. texted her. she agreed. (+)
finished cons. no one to do out with, so i went home and drummed to theme song of the movie "you are the apple of my eye". figured out all the chords and some piano parts. (+) sense of achievement.
slept at 4am.

Overall: +8

Sun, 13/11/11.
morning - went for lunch and shopping at giant supermarket with mum and dad. (+). fulfilled a promise.
night - met friends at pomo. played bridge, relived the uni days. (+).

Overall: +6

Mon, 14/11/11.
two people down, had to shoulder more work. but still managed to finish in time (+)
no acc today. so good! enough time to finish the work.
assigned the parts for the song OST "you are the apple of my eye". the project seems to have a light at the end of the tunnel! (+)

Overall: +5

Tues, 15/11/11
less patients today. managed to finish most of the work before ACC (+)
ACC - 3 pts. !! (+) one very nice patient during ACC (+)
more planning for the song OST.

Overall: +6

Wed, 16/11/11
last day of the week. (off thu and fri). decided to give it my best shot! (+)
finished all work at 3pm. managed to do some of my extra-office work that i wanted to do for a long time. (+)
didn't apply leave. forgot. oops.
HE, HJ, YS gave me a surprise birthday party after work!! nicely disguised! i guess i have not actively participated in birthday parties so long, i didn't even know how to react - they said i didn't seem very excited, happy or ...? (++)

Overall: +9

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