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26 Nov 2011

the new girl on 19/11/11

i must have sounded like an idiot to her.

but yes, i will be stronger. what the hell was i doing? was i even courting a girl??

do i want to court a girl?? yes.

am i thinking of her as my old girlfriend??

am i unsure of going into a new relationship? YES! why?

box shop:
what is the name of the soft toy she likes??
she doesn't like hello kitty.
she likes ribbons.

additional information:
she is a member of a chinese dance group.
enthusiastic about chinese culture and language.

qn: how to make her laugh?

1. Show interest, and show her that you would like to get to know her and you were happy to meet her or talk to her.
done that already. on day 7. and what a miserable turnout. well. at least she knows.
though, there are alot of other guys doing that as well.

2. Lead. She wants to be the wooed and not do the wooing so be the first to initiate touch (non-sexual and sexual). Be the one that comes in for the kiss.

3. Take the first step, Girls like the fact that they're being wooed. If you're going to ever win the prize, you've got to tell the prize you want it.

4. Learn to be spontaneous.

5. Plan for the date, pls show that you're resourceful! use the iphone!! always have a plan B!

When talking to her:
Always remember - confidence + self-esteem! Respect her, and respect yourself. You are equals. She is not better than you. DO NOT BE ARROGANT!
1. Always look into her eyes when speaking to her. Just be careful not to get lost in her eyes when she's talking.
2. Be sensitive and caring. Let her cry on your shoulder if she's sad. Make her smile when she's feeling crummy.
3. Don't just act natural - be natural. If your girl has a brain, she'll be able to detect that you're trying too hard, or striving to be something you're not.
4. Whisper in her ear. Girls love this.
5. Girls don't like nasty breath. Eat mints regularly and brush teeth often.

Appearance and behaviour:
7. Dress nicely and fashionable. Use an attractive perfume.
8. Be very hygienic with her - do not share utensils, etc unless asked to do so.
Get in shape!!

Learn to like what she likes, but not in too many ways

Love languages:
Gifts - soft toy, roses, ribbons. green is her fave color.

Bonus points:
6. Show her you have a way with the little ones.
she loves kids. i'm not sure if i do on the same level.
9. Help others. But, show some more care for her, which she thinks that, this is only for her
 16. Get close with the girl's family
12. learn how to dance.

 Don't confuse her and send mixed signals. You are not a girl.
Ex: one day you're teasing her, the next you're admiring her..she will get confused and flustered and may give up on you.
do not force her to do anything against her will.
no talking of house, marriage, sex until much much later.
Do not beg!! she wants a man in her life.
NEVER ask for ideas for what to do on the date, make plans and a back-up. If she knows of something better she will tell you
Don't stalk girls. They will start to avoid you

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